After being a Band Manager for different acts since 1999, I have been involved with artists in different levels of intensity. Sometimes my level of involvement was to be on hand to answer questions, review contracts and opportunities or advise on marketing logistics.

Other times, I was the 5th Beatle as a very active and present part of every show, every tour date and almost every decision.

Not every artist needs a full on Manager, and many simply can't afford to pay a retainer to keep one on hand as they begin new projects or careers. In lieu of that, I offer a focused set of services that can be catered to an artist's needs.

To be honest, I don't always have all the answers, but I probably know someone who does. Some of these services being offered are worked in conjunction with partnerships I have with other music business specialists, companies and advisors. When you utilize one of these services, my network is included along with my past research, experience and any training I have received.

Artist Consultant
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Need advice on an opportunity that has been presented to you that might seem fishy, but don't have representation?

Looking to really start using music to make money and build a career rather than just playing endless exposure gigs, but don't quite have the budget for management?

Have you already agreed to a show / tour / project and want to know how to maximize your time and efforts without adding representation expenses?

This is the solution for you. The Artist Consultant service is a low cost way to have subjective advisement without sharing a percentage of income or affording large retainers. For a low monthly fee, you have access to a consultant that is on your side and only an email or text message away. The service includes weekly check ins / follow ups as well as one monthly hour long session to discuss strategy and get questions answered.

If you can't afford or are not ready for full time management, but for the time being would just like to get some insight on your project's current path, seriously consider this service.

Not sure if full time consultation is right for you?

Why not schedule a one hour chat with me about a subject or two and see if it drums up any insight. I am always happy to listen and answer any questions about artist development.

The Chattx service is an easy way to try consultation with no long term commitment. For a one time charge, you have access to a consultant that is unbiased and willing to review your online assets, answer questions about strategy or mediate business discussions within your band or organization. The service includes an hour long session to discuss up to three topics and get some questions answered.

If you’d like an unbiased opinion, some help deciding whether to take a next step or would like to just see what a casual consultation experience would be like, this could be the service for you.

Digital Agency
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This service is not to be confused with Social Media Management. As a Digital Agency, the sole focus is to help expose your music to potential listeners based on data. By using comparison marketing and finding fans of music by established artists that sound similar to your own, a precise targeting campaign is formed and researched to introduce their fans to your art.

It's the same idea as opening for a national act. You are there to win over the fans of similar artist, but it's all done online and focused on gaining REAL fans on a regional / national / global scale.

This isn't a service to get more likes, it is a service to insure the people that do like your online assets are engaged, committed and actual fans of what you do. The objective is to earn better results when promoting streaming music, album releases, shows or other news about your project to people who really care.

If you REALLY want to explore your music's potential and turn passive audiences into an engaged community of fans, seriously consider this service.

You've got the venue. You've got the lineup. The day of the show is here and you've got a million things to worry about.

Musicians are certainly capable of throwing a show as well as chasing around other musicians, coordinating load in times, sound checking, creating production times, staying on top of ticketing, communicating with the venue, assisting in parking, getting the doors open, guest list management, set time management, selling merch, playing their set, settling with the venue and loading out.

With 20 years of experience in live event promotion, live concert planning and venue management, I have gained an unreal amount of experience as an Event Manager.

With this service you can have an Event Manager to take care of all of the day of show logistics, allowing you and your band to focus on performing the best possible show and being available to engage with your fans. Financial reporting for the event as well as supplemental staffing for other positions such as Door Staff, Merch Staff, Photographers, Videographers and more can be coordinated in advance with this service.

If you want to enjoy the experience of playing shows and be more present for your audience while having piece of mind that all the details are being handled, seriously consider this service.

Web Development
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Musicians have to wear many hats, and any band that doesn't have their own website is already behind the curve.

While there are drag and drop solutions like Wix and Square, you are limited to design and functionality. Those companies tend to limit the amount of pages, options, products and so much more. To add further functionality, like analytics, contact forms and customer tracking codes, you are asked to pay extra.

Having a website built by a full time design company can cost thousands, and if that site is not set up properly and consistently maintained it could be hacked or left abandoned.

For about the same base price as some of the aforementioned drag and drop companies, you can have a fully functional website with all of the features that are critical to a musician's site. No design fees, no hosting costs and frequent updates are included in the low monthly subscription of the Web Developer service.

If you already have a website and it needs some help, or you need one built for you, seriously consider this service and take control of your online presence.


I have worked directly with musicians in multiple genres on almost every level of success. At times it can be determined in advance that a particular talent, project or event may not be the best fit for my offerings. External personal influences, hazardous lifestyles, low profitability, lack of public interest and certain other red flags might not allow a partnership to succeed.

There is no reason to enter these kinds of agreements if everyone involved isn't wholeheartedly on the same page. That said, Artist Consultant services are available only after a successful initial meeting (in person whenever possible) centered around a full discussion on expectations and trajectory. Event Manager services are subject to availability and date / time. Rights are reserved to pass on or conclude any services if payment is incomplete or other conflicts occur.

But, like, don't be scared to Contact Me. And THANK YOU for your consideration.