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Billed Monthly, the Digital Agency services available up to 30 Days after most recent payment.

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This service is not to be confused with Social Media Management. As a Digital Agency, the sole focus is to help expose your music to potential listeners based on data. By using comparison marketing and finding fans of music by established artists that sound similar to your own, a precise targeting campaign is formed and researched to introduce their fans to your art.

It’s the same idea as opening for a national act. You are there to win over the fans of similar artist, but it’s all done online and focused on gaining REAL fans on a regional / national / global scale.

This isn’t a service to get more likes, it is a service to insure the people that do like your online assets are engaged, committed and actual fans of what you do. The objective is to earn better results when promoting streaming music, album releases, shows or other news about your project to people who really care.

If you REALLY want to explore your music’s potential and turn passive audiences into an engaged community of fans, seriously consider this service.