Artist Consultant


Billed Monthly, the Artist Consultant services available up to 30 Days after most recent payment.

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Artist Consultant

Need advice on an opportunity that has been presented to you that might seem fishy, but don’t have representation?

Looking to really start using music to make money and build a career rather than just playing endless exposure gigs, but don’t quite have the budget for management?

Have you already agreed to a show / tour / project and want to know how to maximize your time and efforts without adding representation expenses?

This is the solution for you. The Artist Consultant service is a low cost way to have subjective advisement without sharing a percentage of income or affording large retainers. For a low monthly fee, you have access to a consultant that is on your side and only an email or text message away. The service includes weekly check ins / follow ups as well as one monthly hour long session to discuss strategy and get questions answered.