Web Development


$125 down payment (includes $95 initial setup + first month of service @ $30), $30 per month after for hosting, updates, maintenance

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Musicians have to wear many hats, and any band that doesn’t have their own website is already behind the curve.

While there are drag and drop solutions like Wix and Square, you are limited to design and functionality. Those companies tend to limit the amount of pages, options, products and so much more. To add further functionality, like analytics, contact forms and customer tracking codes, you are asked to pay extra.

Having a website built by a full time design company can cost thousands, and if that site is not set up properly and consistently maintained it could be hacked or left abandoned.

For about the same base price as some of the aforementioned drag and drop companies, you can have a fully functional website with all of the features that are critical to a musician’s site. No design fees, no hosting costs and frequent updates are included in the low monthly subscription of the Web Developer service.

If you already have a website and it needs some help, or you need one built for you, seriously consider this service and take control of your online presence.