Why Musicians Should Have More Patience When Securing Press Coverage

Some artists will tell you that finding press coverage for your music is easier than ever, and while this may in some sense be true, the reality is that just because someone is willing to give you coverage, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will…

Patreon Has Paid Out $1 Billion From 4 Million Fans

reon has paid out $1 billion to creators since launch, the fan funding and patronage site announced this week. That milestone comes from the direct support of the 4 million patrons using the platform – an increase of a million patrons in less than…

Sign Up For Hypebot’s New RSS Feed

As you may have noticed, Hypebot’s transition to WordPress and a new design has been a bit wonky. One of the ongoing issues is a broken RSS feed. The post Sign Up For Hypebot’s New RSS Feed appeared first on Hypebot.